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I'm having trouble getting my Supreme Slider flat on my sewing machine bed. How do I get it to stay completely flat? Including the edges?

You'll need to use firm pressure to get your Supreme Slider to adhere properly to your sewing machine bed. Think of it as a suction cup!

Why does my Supreme Slider not stick any more?

We suggest to rinse the pink tacky side under warm water and air dry after each project. By doing this the tackiness of the pink side should be fully restored and ready for your next project!

Why did the bobbin thread rip my Supreme Slider near the hole?

To pull bobbin thread up, turn the hand wheel up THROUGH THE QUILT SANDWICH.

How should I secure the excess of my Supreme Slider that hangs over my machine bed?

The Supreme Slider can easily be trimmed to fit!

Do I take out the backlash spring when using Magic Bobbin Genies?

Most quilters remove the backlash spring when using Magic Bobbin Genies.

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