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The Supreme Free-Motion Slider's patented top lets fabric slide and makes free-motion machine quilting easy! MORE INFO


"Sakura Jubilee Tassle Quilt"


About Pat LaPierre & the Free-Motion Slider

Pat LapierreI just love to quilt and share what I know with other quilters! The Naples Quilters Guild was my "launching pad" and there I entered my first quilt in competition. I discovered Diane Gaudynski's book, Guide to Machine Quilting, and it gave me wings. My quilt style is recognized as construction techniques with fine controlled machine quilting.
For three years my husband Tom and I enjoyed our quilt shop in Naples, Florida. The original Free-Motion Slider is a result of teaching the machine quilting classes at our shop. Now we invite you try the new and improved Supreme Free-Motion Slider with pink self-sticking back — It will help make your quilting easy and fun!

We like to think of ways to make the quilting experience easier. Try using our Magic Bobbin Genies, Size L available for home machines with Snap-in or Top Drop-In bobbins, and our Mega Magic Bobbin Genies for longarm machines (size M bobbins). Just drop one into your bobbin case, and see how they prevent the birds nests and snarls that happen when you are sewing fast.

THE NEW QUEEN SIZE SUPREME SLIDER is a generous 11-1/2″ x 17″, perfect for large bed machines and home machines that are set into a cabinet table. The pink self-sticking back adheres by itself, no tape needed! Your quilt will slide easily with zero drag and quilting will become more fun.

THE NEW EVEN LARGER KING SIZE SUPREME SLIDER has arrived!This new 16-1/2″ x 22″ Supreme Slider is the perfect size for the very large bed machine with 11″ to 18″ quilting space.The pink sticky back lays flat with no tape or adhesives! Easy to place, easy to remove!

Frequently Asked Questions
Pat answers your questions about our products and quilting! Visit our new page.

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Quilt Show Awards

"Alphabetically Speaking" 2005 (pictured at right)
18" x 23"
The English alphabet receives heirloom treatment in this miniature format using trapunto to define each letter.
Maine State Quilt Show
Judges Choice — Exceptional Merit

"Study in White" 2004
Vermont Quilt Festival
Best in Show — Exceptional Merit
Judges Choice

"Stitches in Time"
Best Machine Quilting

"Machines in Motion"
Third Place

"Elusive Castle" 2003
American Quilters Society - Nashville
Third Place

"Never Enough Shoes" 2002 (shown on the Links page)
19" x 60"
Florida Celebrates Quilts - Ft. Myers
Best in Show

"Tropicallo" (pictured at right)
15" X 26"
The beautiful southern Florida tropical foliage comes to life.


"Alphabetically Speaking"



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